Does Toxic Equal Clean?


For so many things in life, perception is everything, at least when it comes to influencing our choices.

The environmental services industry is no exception.

Probably the most common ones we encounter revolve around lingering ideas of the necessity of truck-mounted carpet cleaning. With the advances in mobile commercial extractor technology, we think this perception needs updating, especially as data accumulates on the devastating health effects of toxic cleaning chemicals - a conversation we are passionate about.

These realities make old truck-mount perceptions analogous to hailing a cab and having a top-fuel dragster show up, billowing smoke and noise in your front door.

So if the old perception is something you're committed to, by all means rent a truck mounted unit. But if you are willing to embrace a new definition, we invite you to look our way.

What you will get when you hire us: You will get a thoroughly agitated, extracted, invigoratingly fresh smelling carpet that you will not be afraid to have your kids rolling on, or your customers, employees, and tenants living on.

If that is a perception that appeals to you, we invite you to try us.


Jim Alseth, Klondike Carpet Cleaning

Dr. Axe on the Anti-Viral / Anti-Bacterial properties of Electrolytic Silver (we use minute amounts in our solution)

PS: For those who like technical data, "water-lift", measured in inches, is a rating used by manufacturers of commercial carpet extractors to indicate the suction power of the machine (a higher number means more suction). Typically, a piece of equipment is considered commercial grade with a rating of 80 to 85. Our machines have ratings up to 137. Translation: plenty of suction power to get the dirt out of your carpet.

In addition, and we think just as importantly, when we clean your carpet we're not introducing the risk of chemical residue - because we don't use harsh chemicals. In fact, if your carpets have been cleaned before, we're probably removing some of that old residue when we clean your carpets.

Remember, the key ingredient of any cleaning endeavor (including your carpets) is always the most natural substance of all - water . The job of a cleaning agent is to help water do its job ...

We Use EDIC, Karcher and  Rotovac ...!