About Klondike Carpet Cleaning


As Owner/Operator of Klondike Carpet Cleaning I started this company after being in the Service Industry, in Edmonton, over 35 years.

During those years I learned a lot about customer satisfaction, excellence, and integrity. Most of us are familiar with the car salesman quote “drive it like your own” as we hop in their vehicle for a test drive. It's simple, but true, a rule of treating others as we would like to be treated.

With that I bring a passion for parts of the ecology you spend a lot of time in: your business and home. And it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to help enhance those environments in a way that is healthy.

I spent part of my service-industry time in healthcare, and have great awareness of what toxic cleaning agents can, and are doing, to our health. And it's why I'm so excited to offer KCC's services using non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning agents that also DO THEIR JOB of cleaning.

So I invite you to give us a call and see what difference we can make in your business or home.

Looking Foward to Serving You,

Jim Alseth, KCC

We Use EDIC, Karcher and  Rotovac ...!



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