Steam Cleaning Services


Klondike Carpet Cleaning offers more than just carpet care: steam cleaning services for hard floors and just about any other surfaces.

Advantages of Steam

Eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria, mildew, odor, viruses, fleas, mites and bedbugs.

Surfaces dry almost instantly.

Perfect non-toxic cleaning solution for allergy and environmentally conscious households.

Our Rate for Floors: $7 per 100 sq. ft.

Why Choose KCC Steam Cleaning Services?

Attention to detail and quality work.

 Commercial grade mobile equipment designed to get the job done with a minimum of noise and clutter. We can reach the tallest floor of your high-rise or tackle your large facility.

Non-toxic, Eco-friendly commercial carpet cleaning solutions. Clean must not be toxic, and one of our primary concerns is to provide you with a service that promotes health, instead of compromising it.

Excellence, but not Expensive.

~ We Don't Overbook !! We stay long enough to get the job done right.

~  Mobile, on-the-spot, electronic payment available with debit / credit card.



If this is what our commercial steamer can do for your greasy stove-top exhaust fan, imagine what it can do for your floors and other hard surfaces, as well as your upholstery...