Car Details


 As you know any vehicle's interior is a Magnet for Mess , especially in Alberta .

Going through the carwash is easy, but it takes time and elbow grease to do a proper job on the interior.

And when time is something you don't have, that's the time to call KCC . In terms of auto detailers, not only do we give your vehicle interior an eco-friendly, non-toxic sparkle (we call it The Fragrance of Clean) but the additional good news is ...

... WE COME TO YOU (and while there we will gladly offer the same quality care for your carpets as well).

VI Service Includes: complete vacuum, shampoo and polish of all interior surfaces, including windows.

It doesn't matter if your vehicle's interior is leather, vinyl or fabric, we'll make it shine.

Our Price: $ 95

Why Choose KCC ...?

Attention to detail and quality work.

No noisy trucks in your driveway with hoses running in your front door — just commercial grade mobile equipment designed to get the job done with a minimum of noise and clutter.

Non-toxic, Eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Clean  must not  be toxic, and one of our primary concerns is to provide you with a service that  promotes  health, instead of compromising it.

Excellence, but not Expensive. (See our price list on this page.)

We Don't Overbook !! We stay long enough to get the job done right.

~  Mobile, on-the-spot, electronic payment with debit / credit card.

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